Alternative Name(s): Button

This badge was made around 1971 and it was part of collection of buttons assembled by donor while active in left-wing politics at University of Melbourne 1979 - 86.

The inscription refers to the movement of opposition to the South African rugby tour known as the Springbok Tour. There were protests opposing the presence of the racially-selected team all over the world. Campaigners wanted to halt all connections with the South African nation in order to oppose the Apartheid policies present there. Many different groups protested the sporting tour; in this particular case the badge was made for women's groups who supported the cause. The 1969 British tour the team engaged in was also met with resistance and hostility, as it was marked by violent clashes and people trying to disrupt the games. At the opening match in Perth there were 22 arrests. In Adelaide protestors were present in the hundreds.

Physical Description

Circular badge. Black background with white writing and a female gender symbol.

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