Alternative Name(s): Button

This badge was made by Patricks Badges., circa 1984 and was used around the same time. Acquired under Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme. Andrew collected these badges over a fifteen year period during which he undertook much research in the field of Trade Union material culture, and had extensive contact with the Trade Union movement Australia wide.

For May Day parades, different organisations and parties would choose various slogans and themes for their involvement. The message on this badge states 'March for Peace, Disarmament, Jobs for All'. Another 1984 May Day badge in the Museums Victoria Collection states 'Socialism ends poverty & unemployment'. The overlap in messages might indicate that there was a perceived crisis in terms of employment during that year.

Physical Description

Circular white button, two red lines around border intersectin g both at top. Dove - white outlined in red with red flag at centre. Red printin g around dove and flag white where it crosses flag.

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