This 'Hope For A Lasting Peace' badge, alternatively known as a button, was sold on 4 October 1918 by The Soldiers' Home League of South Australia. The organisation was incredibly active in selling such badges on the streets almost every Friday during this period in order to raise money. World War I was met with unprecedented enthusiam, as men were hurrying to enlist and many people were offering practical support. Funds went directly to the war effort but also towards supporting the families of victims and the veterans themselves. The 'Peace Day League was formed in Adelaide in 1915, but it later changed its name to the Soldiers' Home League as members felt that peace should not happen at any price, rather with the victory of Allied Forces. This is what the badge reflects as well, with the slogan 'Hope for a lasting peace' probably referring to the same idea. In this depiction, Europe is printed in red ink, to highlight it as the main seat of the conflict and to have it contrast with the white dove.

Physical Description

This is a round metal badge in red, white, blue and yellow. It has a red border with text. The world globe in yellow in the centre circle has text at the base. There is a white dove on top of the world globe. The pin at the back fits into a slot.

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