Alternative Name(s): Button

Round badge with the slogan 'War is Not Healthy For Children' made and used in 1980. This is one of a series of badges and peace movement posters acquired by the museum following the exhibition 'Peace: an Exhibition' which explored the Peace movement and was part of the Victorian Government contribution to International Year of Peace in 1986. It was produced using the Badge-A-Minit, a semi-automatic badge-making machine. The acronym is impressed into the plastic insert at the rear of the button. This technology emphasises the DIY aspect of activism and protest and allows different groups to create objects bearing the message of their choice.

The design on the badge was created by artist Lorraine Schneider and is the logo of the 'Another Mother for Peace' organisation. This was an American grass-roots anti-war advocacy group founded in 1967 in opposition to the U.S. war in Vietnam. It specifically tried to educate women to take an active role in trying to stop the war.

Physical Description

Round green badge on which the peace message is printed in black ink. It is illustrated with a green flower on a black background.

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