Alternative Name(s): Kit Bag, Suitcase, Suiter

American style valise or suiter with maker's label 'Hinson Mfg Co'. Used by Edmund Herring in World War II. Part of the General Sir Edmund Herring collection. In World War II Herring served from 11 October 1939 to 10 February 1944, and was discharged at the rank of Lieutenant General. He had also served in World War I.

The donor's daughter indicated that Herring's kit bag had been 'taken throughout Palestine - North Africa - Greece - N. Australia - New Guinea Campaigns [during World War II]...The kit bag went off with my father to war - a terrible memory. We were very proud of him and that he bore the number VX15. He had enlisted right at the start.' (Donor questionnaire, circa 1988, file RF 525). A brown fabric drawstring kitbag (HT 4109) was also part of the collection, and it may be that bag to which his daughter refers.

Physical Description

Khaki canvas valise or suiter, which unzips to reveal a long internal compartment which would accommodate a uniform. Leather handle, sewn and secured with rivets; leather strap around inside middle.

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