Slouch hat with upturned brim, emu feather plume and badge. Part of General Sir Edmund Herring collection. The presence of the feather distinguishes the hat as Australian Light Horse.

According to the Australian War Memorial, Herring was one of the most renowned Australian senior officers in World War II. In September 1942 he became commander of New Guinea Force. He also served in World War I in the British Army, earning the Distinguished Service Order and the Military Cross. Herring later served for 20 years as Victoria's Chief Justice, and was Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria for a record 27 years, retiring at the age of 80 in 1972. He was also Chancellor of the Diocese of Melbourne, was President of the Boy Scouts' Association of Victoria for 23 years, and became President of the Australian Boy Scouts' Association.

Physical Description

Slouch hat with badge and emu feather cockade on left side. Khaki. Australian Military Forces badge on left side. Badge on front of puggaree is gold embroidered wreath with crossed dagger and case on black velvet with crown and lion at top. Leather internal band.

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