'Special constable' armband number 1341, worn during the 1920s police strike, probably by Lieutenant-General Edmund Herring.

When Victoria Police went on strike on 31 October 1923, prompted by issues of pay, staff levels and allegations of spying, law and order immediately became a problem. War veterans, led by Sir John Monash, rallied former soldiers to keep the order. They were identified by armbands such as this, and badges. Herring became a special constable during the strike.

During the police strike a secretive organisation of former soldiers, called the White Guard (aka White Army), was formed, ready to act against communist activity. Herring became a regional commander, responsible for the Mornington Peninsula region.

The armband is part of General Sir Edmund Herring Collection.

Physical Description

Cream cloth armband, coarse weave, printed with black inscription at centre. Fraying at edges.

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