Aircraft History

Developed as a 75-100 seat airliner for the Soviet state airline Aeroflot in the 1950s, the Ilyushin Il-18 was widely used to expand air services in the USSR over the following two decades. The prototype flew in June 1957 with Aeroflot receiving its first Il-18 in 1959. A total of about 600 were built. The Il-18 design was also modified for military roles as the Il-20 electronic intelligence aircraft, the Il-22 airborne command post and the Il-38 maritime patrol aircraft. Several former Eastern Bloc nations operated civilian and military versions of the Il-18.

Model History

This 1:35 scale sectioned model of an Il-18 airliner in Aeroflot markings was donated to the Museum in 1961 by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Polytechnical Museum in Moscow.

More Information