Model of the Tupolev Tu-104 aeroplane, made to 1:35 scale, with sectioned fuselage.

Aircraft History:
The Tupolev Tu-104 was a twin-jet, medium range Soviet jet airliner introduced into service in 1956. It was designed by Andrei Tupolev. The design was based on the Tu-16/Tu-88 bomber using the same Mikulin AM-3 jet engines with a new fuselage accommodating 50-70 passengers. A stretched fuselage 100 passenger model (Tu-104B) was developed later. Around 200 were built, most serving with the USSR's state airline Aeroflot. A number were used by the military for training of cosmonauts for the Soviet space program.

Model History:
This model was donated to the Museum in 1961 by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Politechnical Museum in Moscow.

Physical Description

Model aeroplane. Fuselage has been sectioned for display to show the distinctive split passenger cabin with a galley over the wing centre section. The cockpit has not been sectioned but can be viewed through the windows. It was designed to be illuminated internally.

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