Australia New South Wales
85th Anniversary of Settlement 1788 - 1873, 1873 (AD)
Mint: Sydney
Other Details: Medal issued to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the settlement of Australia. It was issued by the patriotic New South Wales Rifle Association.

Physical Description

A bronze medal (30 mm diameter) featuring a soldier and an Aboriginal male holding spear and boomarang

Obverse Description

At left the date 1788; at right the date, 1873; between dates standing vis a vis, Aboriginal male holding spear and boomarang in right hand and resting shield on ground in left hand; British soldier in military dress and cap, resting musket, held in both hands.

Reverse Description

N.S.W./RIFLE/ASSOCIATION within two half wreaths, above of roses thistles and shamrocks and below of Australian native flora

Edge Description


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