1/4 Anna, Issued by Bombay Presidency, India, 1833 (1249 AH)
Minted by Bombay Mint, India

Obverse Description

Arms of British East India Company; below shield, 1833

Reverse Description

A pair of balanced scales; between pans the Persian Adil (translation: Just); below, the date in Persian numerals 1249; above, QUARTER ANNA

Edge Description



"Bombay was the last of the three Presidency mints to adopt mechanical methods for coining. Both Madras and Bengal had installed machinery in their mints many years earlier. The choice of selecting a copper coinage to commence the operations of the new mint of Bombay was made in order that the workmen could become experienced in modern minting techniques before starting coinage of more precious metals." Pridmore, p.136

The Proclamation dated 29 November 1830 related to this issue detailed that "Such Copper Coins shall be issued from the Public Treasury at the rate of thirty-two half Anna pieces, or sixty-four quarter Anna pieces for one Rupee, & twelve Pies for one Anna; at which rates they are to be received as legal tender to the amount of a Rupee, and its fractional parts, in all public and private transactions throughout the provinces subject to this Presidency"

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