Cloud Camera erected in grounds of Melbourne Observatory, circa 1896, with Melbourne Observatory staff. One of a pair of cloud cameras located at Melbourne Observatory and Parliament House to measure the height and velocity of clouds as part of a collaborative project of the Meteorological International Committee. The work was originally intended to extend over a period of twelve months, with the date of commencement to be 1st May 1895, however, after testing the official start was delayed until 1st July 1895. The project in fact continued for over a decade, eventually drawing to a close around 1906. Robert Ellery, who appears in this photograph, officially retired in July 1895, but remained a member of the Board of Visitors for the Observatory until his death in 1908.

On top of the camera is the apparatus for testing the verticality of the axis of collimation. The telegraphic apparatus on the right was used to coordinate simultaneous photography at Melbourne Observatory and Parliament House.

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Cloud Camera erected in grounds of Melbourne Observatory, circa 1895. Standing either side of the apparatus holding a backdrop screen are Melbourne Observatory staff, Pietro Baracchi (1851-1926), Assistant Astronomer, at left, and Robert Ellery (1827-1908), Government Astronomer, at right. A third person is standing hidden behind the screen. The equipment on the left is the cloud height camera, with the vertical alignment apparatus attached above, while the equipment on the right is a telegraphic terminal used for synchronisation with a duplicate camera situated at the Victorian Parliament House in Spring Street.

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