Coin issued by Aesernia, Samnium, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 300 BC
Minted by Aeserniae

Obverse Description

Head of Hephaistos (Vulcan) facing left wearing a laureate pilos. Behind the head is a pair of tongs and in front VOLCANOM.

Reverse Description

Zeus driving a biga to the right, above a flying Nike holding a wreath. In exergue, AISERNINO (partly off the flan)

Edge Description



The city of Aesernia (modern Isernia) through its position near the Volturnus river controlled north-west Samnium. A Roman Latin Colony was placed there in 263 BC. The obverse of this coin depicts the Greek god Hephaistos (Roman Volcanus), a fire god and patron of black-smith's fires (hence the thongs behind his head). On the reverse the Greek god Zeus is depicted in the act of hurlig a thunderbolt while driving a two-horse chariot at speed. Nike (Roman Victory) is flying above presenting a wreath.

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