Coin issued by Ancona, Picenum, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 400 BC
Minted by Ancona

Obverse Description

Head of the Greek goddess Aphrodite laureate facing right wearing earring. Behind the base of her neck (largely worn away) the letter M

Reverse Description

A right arm holding a palm branch (largely worn away). Above the arm are two stars (largely worn away) and below are the Greek letters 'AGKON' meaning an elbow .

Edge Description



The reverse depiction of an arm is apparently selected as a pun on the famed shape of the town's harbour which resembled an elbow-joint. The harbour at Ancona was the best on the central east coast of Italy. It may have been first settled by refugees from Dionysius I of Syracuse in about 400 BC, the time that this coin is thought to have been struck.

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