The 8 Inch Equatorial Telescope, by Troughton & Simms, London, in the South Equatorial House at Melbourne Observatory, South Yarra, Victoria, circa 1880s.

The telescope was acquired by Melbourne Observatory in 1874, in time for observations of the Transit of Venus. It was the main equatorial telescope at the observatory until the observatory closed in 1945. The telescope remains in its original building at the observatory, and is still used by the Astronomical Society of Victoria.

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Photoheliograph in the Photoheliograph House at Melbourne Observatory.


The Photoheliograph, manufactured by Dallmeyer, London in 1874, was installed at the Melbourne Observatory in time for the Transit of Venus observations in 1875, and subsequently used to take daily photographs of the sun. These photos were sent to astronomer Warren de la Rue in Britain, who undertook detailed analysis of sunspots.

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