Colt 1873 Single Action Army (SAA) or Peacemaker centrefire revolver, cal. .? in., rifled round barrel 138 mm (4 3/4 inch) long with right hand side mounted ejector.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut. Serial number 42164, 1879.

Physical Description

Six chambered cylinder with standard length flutes, steel trigger guard, solid steel frame, steel back strap, plain wooden two-piece grips, blade front sight, loading gate on right hand side. Knurling on hammer is course and framed in an inverted 'U'. Barrel address is a Hartford address. Three-line patent stamping on left hand side of frame. Stamped on left hand side of frame behind patent stamps 'U.S.' and stamped on butt 'R', likely to be a Colt or Government Inspector's code for final assembly. Light original blueing to frame, triggerguard and ejector tube.

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