In the 1980s Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, in conjunction with the National Australia Day Council (N.A.D.C.), organised the 'Young Shots of Australia' photography competition. This competition was nationwide and designed to encourage school children to develop their photography skills. Each year the competition focused on a specific question from the N.A.D.C. and the winning entries were then used for a poster that we believe to have been produced in time for Australia Day. The then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was involved in the scheme in 1983 and 1984, and possibly in other years also.

Two of these posters form part of the Kodak Heritage Collection, including the poster from 1983 when students were asked to consider 'What does it mean to be an Australian today?' and the 1984 poster when students responded to 'How do we see our country?'.

Museums Victoria also has a series of photographs relating to the awards ceremony for 'Young Shots' participants held in 1986. Entertainer Jackie Love took part in this ceremony and appears to have been presenting the awards. A list of students, the titles of their work and the school they attended is also part of this subset of the collection.


Kodakery, No. 171, June 1985, p.4.

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