The 'Capture Your Friends on Kodak Film' program consisted of a series of striking posters developed by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, along with the Education Department, for use in schools during the 1980s. Designed to encourage students to take photographs of their own animal friends, these posters featured native Australian animals.

This series of posters were usually sent out to schools in pairs. The first pair of posters to be distributed were a koala and an emu, thought to have been produced in 1981. A kangaroo and echidna set were sent out in February 1982, with a camel and orangutan appearing later that year. A cassowary and a sulphur-crested cockatoo were also released in February 1983. Posters of a tortoise, native owl, green snake and frog also featured as part of the series, but it is unclear how these particular posters were paired up. The series eventually ended in September 1983 with a pair of brush-tailed possum and fur seal posters.

Kodak also produced a ruler and sticker with the 'Capture Your Friends on Kodak Film' slogan, as part of this educational program. Examples of these are held in the Kodak Heritage Collection, along with examples of the posters themselves.

The final pair of posters were sent with a special offer for schools to purchase any previous pair at a discounted rate, and also a 'teaser' announcing the next series of educational posters. This next series was developed with the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra and focused on the native floral emblems of Australia.

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