Victoria's research and health experts have been working tirelessly to understand the SARS-COV-2 virus- so small it's invisible to most microscopes.

Hundreds of researchers within Melbourne and Victoria's laboratories are fast-tracking complicated studies that usually take years. Their goal is to discover how the virus acts, and how to stop it harming humans.

Already, Melbourne researchers have been the first to grow the virus and share their findings with the international research community. Such work furthers accurate investigation and diagnosis around the world, no doubt saving many lives.

Right now, local experiments support the unveiling of the genetic and chemical structure of the virus, and the biology of its action on single cells and whole body systems. This is essential information for designing and testing drugs and vaccines, and to inform how Victorians need to behave over the coming months.

This huge multidisciplinary and collaborative effort, always a strength of the Victorian research community, helps Victoria flatten the curve.

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