Product Type: Harvesters
Product Line: Auto Header Harvesters

Manufacturer: H.V. McKay Pty Ltd; H.V. McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd
Distributor: H.V. McKay Pty Ltd; H.V. McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd
Where Made: Sunshine, Victoria, Australia
Production Dates: circa 1924 to 1930s

Brandname: Sunshine
Model No/s: 'W' Type with Fordson engine [3]
Size/Capacity: 10 or 12 ft cutting width [3]

The Sunshine 'W Type' Auto Header was an early self-propelled harvester designed to cut the grain head from the stalks in cereal crops (such as wheat, oats, barley, peas, beans, lucerne, etc.), then separate, clean and bag the grain in a single operation. Trash or chaff separated from the grain was blown out the back of the machine. The machine required two man operation - a driver and bagger. A Fordson tractor engine powered the harvesting mechanism and provided forward traction. [3]

Also known as a 'Waterloo Combine'.


* First harvester not requiring horse or tractor power for towing [3]
* Headlie Taylor was the primary inventor/designer [3]
* This machine design was the forerunner for the modern combine harvester [4]
* In this era approx. 12% or headers built were self-propelled auto-headers, used primarily in more prosperous larger farms (300+ acres). [3]


* A separate drive pulley was supplied to enable engine power to be used for stationary operation of other machinery, eg chaffcutter, maize sheller, wood saw bench, water pump, etc. [2]

Export Markets: Argentina, South Africa [3]

Related Names:
Harry Menhennitt
Gerald Evans


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