Alternative Name(s): Envelope; Negative Sleeve

'Kodak' branded folder for photographic negatives and prints. The empty text box on the back cover intended for distributor's name and address suggests that this item was probably printed in the United States for use by Kodak distributors worldwide. The circular 'Kodak' logo on the back cover incorporates subtle Art Nouveau styling popular in the early 1900s, and lacks the catch phrase or slogan 'If it isn't Eastman, it isn't Kodak film', which was used on similar folders distributed in Australia and New Zealand from about 1914. The sailing boats depicted in the background of the front cover image are styled in the form of felucca water craft with double lateen sails of the form traditionally used on the Nile in Eygpt and other Middle Eastern countries.

The Melbourne firm of Baker & Rouse, manufacturers photographic plates, were appointed at agents for imported 'Kodak' cameras in 1889. After the introduction of Kodak photogrpahic film in the 1890s, a local distribution business was established under the title Kodak Ltd, in 1900, importing photographic film and camera equipment primarily manufactured by the British arm of the Eastman Kodak enterprise. In 1905, Baker & Rouse Pty Ltd were appointed as sole agents for Kodak products throughout Australia, effectively taking over the previous direct distribution by Kodak Ltd, and in 1908 the firm Australian Kodak Ltd was formed as a partnership between Baker & Rouse and the Eastman Kodak parent companyy, in order to undertake the manufacture of Kodak film and photographic plates in Australia at the Baker & Rouse factory in Abbotsford, Victoria. This company was in turn renamed Kodak (Australasia) Limited in January 1911.

Physical Description

'Kodak' branded photo envelope or print and negative folder, which unfolds in the centre to reveal two pockets - one on each side. The front cover of folder features an illustration of a woman wearing a long stripped dress and holding a folding camera standing in front of yachts or sailing boats on a lake or river, surrounded by a plain triple rectangular frame with buff coloured border. On the back cover is a circular KODAK logo and a empty rectangular box, intended for overprinting with a local distributor's name and addresses, also surrounded by a plain triple rectangular frame with buff coloured border.

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