Alternative Name(s): Envelope; Negative Sleeve

'Kodak' branded folder for photographic negatives and prints, produced by Kodak Australasia Limited between 1914 and 1920. The folder features a nostalgic, soft-focused, Pictorialist style image of a woman in a draped gown holding a Kodak folding camera. Inside, the folder explains the quality of Kodak film and promotes their enlargement services. The catch phrase or slogan 'If it isn't Eastman, it isn't Kodak film' was used to stress brand integrity and quality.

Physical Description

'Kodak' branded photo envelope or print and negative folder, which unfolds in the centre to reveal two pockets - one on each side. The outside cover is printed in a brown wood grained pattern, featuring a portrait of a woman holding a Kodak 'Autographic' folding bellows pocket camera in a central oval-shaped frame on the front and a circular KODAK logo and text box containing the name and addresses of the distributors on the back. There is an order number handwritten on top left-hand corner of the front cover and a handwritten inscription or note over the portrait.

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