Product catalogue, 'Sunshine Farm Implements', 1918-1920. Front page of the catalogue depicts a romantic rural Australian settler landscape, showing new crops being created on recently cleared land and a new homestead in the background. The document is 36 pages, printed in limited colour.

The content includes illustrations and descriptions of the broad range of equipment manufactured at Sunshine, including the the Sunshine Horseless Harvester, gates, bag trolley, maize husker and cane fertilizer drill.

Prices are not evident in the catalogue, however artistic representations and lengthy descriptions are included. H V McKay's brand name is printed on every subsequent page.

Publication date is estimated as circa 1918, because the catalogue includes the later version of the Sunshine two-stroke engine on p.6, also the 'Sundiesel' and 'Sunduo' on p.7 and 'Sunpet' engine on p.8. These latter engines were only made from 1918, as was the 'Sunlight' header harvester illustrated on p.3. The 'H.V. McKay' company name that appears on the title page indicates that the latest possible publication date could be 1920, after which the company name changed to 'H.V. McKay Pty Ltd'.

Physical Description

Front page dominated by romantic colour illustration of disc plough with a three horse team in a cleared paddock, surrounded by a wooden fence, bushland, dead trees and a homestead in the distance. A setting sun is behind the blue mountains. On the lower left side is a discrete title: 'Sunshine/Farm Implements'. 36 pages, line drawings and photographs of equipment.



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