Contains detailed illustrations of a broad range of equipment and the H.V. McKay factory in Sunshine. The cover is a deep purple with green text and white illustration of the 'Sun flower' Disc Cultivator.

The publication includes illustrations and full text description of products including cultivators, disc ploughs, mouldboard ploughs, harrows, horse works, chaffcutters, petrol engines, metal gates, bag loaders and harvesters. Descriptions focus on the use and benefits of each product and suitability to certain terrain; of particular note are the 'Stump Jump' cultivators, ploughs and disc ploughs which 'permit the farmer to get to work in many cases years before his ground is sufficiently cleared', 'without breaking in stony ground or rough Mallee scrub' and to 'turn over the soil when it is baked stone dry and almost brick hard'.

Illustrations of H.V. McKay buildings include a front view of the Head Office at Sunshine and aerial view of the entire Sunshine Harvester Works. The aerial view shows a vibrant working factory complex with billowing smoke stacks and active railways. The text is dense, and most pages have fine banner illustrations at the top providing context to the manufacture and use of the companies products.


'SUN Farm Implements....WORK WELL AND LAST LONG ... H.V.McKAY'

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