Alternative Name(s): Booklet

Catalogue issued by British company Zonophone Records in August 1928. This Australian edition of the company's play list provides an alphabetical list of records, with several featured records on the front page.

Zonophone (earlier Zon-O-Phone) was a record label founded in 1899 in New Jersey by a partnership including typewriter salesman Frank Seaman. The name 'Zonophone' was used for records and machines sold by Seaman from around 1899 to 1903. Legal complexities led to the splitting of the original business into operations in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Great Britain and the Commonwealth. The name Zonophone was later acquired by Columbia Records, Victor Talking Machine Company and finally Gramophone Company / EMI Records. In Great Britain and Commonwealth countries the Gramophone Company continued to use the Zonophone label until 1931.

Physical Description

Multiple page booklet, unbound, printed in black on white. Provides an alphabetical list of records, with several on the front page highlighted with short descriptions. Circular logo on upper right of front, with cross at centre.

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