Poor-quality photocopies of eight World War I documents including a leave pass; transfer stamps including 1st Anzac Cyclist Battalion; a document showing distribution of the 13th Light Horse 5 Oct 1918 (350 men of the regiment were attached to the 2nd Australian Division); Christmas menus of the officers' Christmas dinner 1916 at 'The Somme Front' (Dr Griffith has signed the autograph page); and menus from Christmas 1917 spent in Flanders (Major R. M. Hore has signed both menus).

The year 1917 at Flanders was a difficult period for the 13th Light Horse. The battle of Paschendale (3rd Battle of Ypres) took a very high toll on the officers. This may be the reason there are few of the same names on the menus of 1916 and 1917. See Doug Hunter, 'My Corps Cavalry, A History of the 13th Light Horse', for more information.

Part of a collection associated with the service of Lieutenant Dudley Arthur Langford Townley, who served in Egypt with the 2nd and 5th Light Horse during World War I. He was transferred to the 13th Light Horse and served at the Western Front.

Physical Description

Poor-quality photocopies of eight documents on fugitive paper. Paper is trimmed to different sizes according to the original document sizes. One document has yellowing adhesive tape joining two sections.

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