Tram no. 1 of the Melbourne cable tram system consisting of a dummy (grip car) and trailer car. Made by John Stephenson & Co., New York, 1885. Includes piece of track.

The tram is painted with the word 'RICHMOND' on its side and 'SPENCER & FLINDERS STS & BRIDGE ROAD' above the side windows.

Physical Description

Cable Tram Grip Car, the forward part of the cable tram that gripped the cable. Made from metal and wooden frame with roof and seats. Dummy-length 4.8m. Weight 2.9 tonnes trailer-length 6.7m. Weight 2.5 tonnes. The List of parts: Dummy or 'Grip Car', Trailer, Cable, Pulley wheel, 3 Tracks, Grip and a Leather strap located ME9.

More Information

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  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB), Dec 1940

  • Manufacturer

    John Stephenson & Co, New York, New York State, United States of America, 1885

  • Classification

    Rail transport, Cable tramways, Tram cars

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    1250 cm (Length), 230 cm (Width), 316 cm (Height)
    These include both trailer and 'dummy' cars, individually, Trailer Car: L 750 cm x W 200 cm x H 300 cm; and 'Dummy' or Grip Car: L 490 cm x W 230 cm x H 316 cm. Height does not include grip mechanism extending below track level when fitted to 'Dummy' Car.

  • Other Dimensions

    492 cm (Length), 217 cm (Width), 309 cm (Height)
    Dimensions for Dummy or 'Grip' Car only. Height does not include relocation frame. Height of tram in stillage is 349 cm.

  • Part Dimensions

    490 cm (Length), 230 cm (Width), 316 cm (Height)
    Dimensions of 'Dummy' or Grip Car.

  • Part Dimensions

    750 cm (Length), 200 cm (Width), 300 cm (Height)
    Dimensions of Trailer or Saloon Car.

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    Cable Trams, Trams