In 1944, the Industrial & Technological Museum and National Museum of Victoria formally gained independence from their progenitor, the Public Library, with a separate Board of Trustees being established to manage the two 'National Museums'. Shortly afterwards, on 15 March 1945, the Industrial & Technological Museum formally changed its to the Museum of Applied Science, reflecting a transition in the institution's main fields of activity, with the earlier emphasis on artisan instruction passing to other specialised teaching colleges. Displays were modernised and the museum gained some much needed additional space, expanding from Queens Hall into the adjoining Barry Gallery, where new comprehensive displays of clocks & watches and firearms & weapons were installed. A program of topical and changing displays was introduced featuring the application of science in new fields of human endeavour from the manufacture of plastics, antibiotics and automotive engineering to atomic energy. The museum also gained custodianship of the former Melbourne Observatory that had been closed by the government at the end of WWII, allowing evening public astronomy sessions to be introduced with the assistance of honorary guides from the Astronomical Society of Victoria.

In 1961 a further transformation took place when the name was changed again to the Institute of Applied Science, reflecting at least a desire to be seen as more of a collaborator with industry, rather than merely its chronicler.

Successive name changes to the organisation throughout its history were as follows:


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