On 23rd January 1961, a further transformation took place when the name of the Museum of Applied Science of Victoria was changed to the Institute of Applied Science, reflecting at least a desire to be seen as more of a collaborator with industry, rather than merely its chronicler. Under a new dynamic director, the organisation embraced its new focus as an ambassador of industry and educator through exhibitions, offering expanded formal education programs for both primary and secondary school students. By 1970, seven teachers were seconded to the museum from the Education Department to support these programs and a series of public lunchtime lectures for adults had been introduced. A radiocarbon dating laboratory was established, managed by Anne Bermingham, the organisation's first female professional scientist, and in December 1965 a planetarium was added providing a popular new attraction to a generation obsessed with the excitement of space travel and the ambition of placing 'Man on the Moon' before the decade was out.

In 1971, further transformation occurred when the organisation was renamed as the Science Museum of Victoria.

Successive name changes to the organisation throughout its history were as follows:


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