Copper Falus coin issued by Ghazi-ud-Din Haidar for the Awadh Princely State
Struck in 1327 AH (1821-1822 AD) probably at the Lucknow mint

Obverse Description

Persian legend, partly off flan (Translation from Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum Calcutta, Vol.IV p.27: struck coin in the Seven Climes, the shadow of the divine favour, The defender of the faith Muhammad, the emperor Shah Alam) with date 12[37]

Reverse Description

Arms of Awadh taking up most of the flan: two fish facing one another below a katar surmounted by a crown, tiger supporters with heads turned outwards each holding a pendant; the regnal year 3 between the fish at the bottom of the arms; around, off flan, Persian legend

Edge Description

The edge is plain.

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