A watercolour painting of the Longnose Butterfly fish, the acquatic animal chosen to represent Tuvalu in the RIver Parade staged for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. Mothers Art Productions employed artist Graham McGuffie to illustrate the 71 water creatures featured in the River Parade, for use in interpretive panels placed along the Yarra River, opposite where each installation was moored. The sculptures of the acquatic creatures were stylised, so McGuffie's illustrations gave the audience an opportunity to see their natural appearance.

When Ian Bracegirdle went to the Melbourne 2006 Corporation to pitch the idea of using acquatic creatures in the Parade, he had Andrew Thelwis create a model of a butterfly fish to show them. The idea was accepted and the show, as it was presented to the public, was born.

Physical Description

Recangular panel with a water colour painting of a longnose butterfly fish. Main colours are blue and yellow.

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