Black and white photograph showing Edda Azzola and four other migrants on board the SS Castel Felice on their way from Italy to Australia in 1995. Edda Azzola, nee Pugnetti, was born in 1927 in Moggio Udinese in the Friuli region, northern Italy and the family moved to nearby Pontebba four years later. After their early schooling, Edda and her two sisters worked as knitting machinists from the family home. The income they made was saved by their mother who used the money to purchase items for their dowries.

Edda married Angelo Azzola, a young man from her village. Searching for change, adventure and a better life, Edda persuaded her husband to migrate to Australia in 1954 and she followed a year later in 1955. The couple lived in Carlton and Fitzroy in inner Melbourne during the early years and Edda purchased an Italian knitting machine from another Italian migrant woman in Melbourne and worked as a textile factory outworker for about 20 years.

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Italian immigrant Edda Azzola is pictured with two adult males and two adult females on the deck of the ship SS Castel Felice on their way from Italy to Australia in 1955.

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Black and white photograph.

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