Pair of black rubber soles that were part of a collection of Phar Lap's equipment which had been keep in a suitcase by his strapper Tommy Woodcock as a memorial to his beloved friend.

He brought the suitcase to the Museum of Victoria in 1979, and donated it and the contents to the Museum. Museum staff remember that he was visibly moved as he carefully removed each item from the case, such was his affection for the horse.

Physical Description

Set of rubber soles each consisting of an oval black rubber hoof cover attached to a brown leather strap. Hoof cover has a raised section with four grooves cut in. The sole is re-enforced with a thin metal strip which protrudes from the front of the sole. The leather strap is fastened by a metal buckle. There are eleven holes in the strap.


Rubber soles were used for riding horses in slippery conditions

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