This racing saddle belonged to jockey Billy Elliot, who rode Phar Lap on seven occasions between 1930 and 1932, winning every race, including his final race at Agua Caliente, Mexico in March 1932. The saddle was especially commissioned for Elliot to use on Phar Lap by the horse's trainer and co-owner Harry Telford. Because Elliot was so light, even for a jockey, and Phar Lap was typically given a heavy starting weight by the handicappers, Elliot had to carry a large amount of weight in the saddle. Harry Telford had the very heavy saddle designed to suit the horse and jockey.

To be referred to as "Billy Elliot's Phar Lap Saddle"

Physical Description

Racing saddle made of padded dark brown leather, reinforced with a double layer beneath the saddle flap. The saddle is backed with a light brown canvas fabric into which have been sewn metal weights. Saddle features two leather straps on either side, with six holes along each, and no stirrup irons.

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