Every Runner that carried the Queen's Baton wore a thumb ring like the one in this sketch. Charlwood design wanted to create an interactive Baton for the Queen's Baton relay, and one of the ways that they pursued this goal was by giving it the capability to respond to signals from RFID units. Each Runner's ring contained a RFID unit, to alert the baton to the arrival of a new runner, which triggered a light show in the 36 rows of LED lights on the Baton.

This sketch shows the shape that the thumb ring eventually took. The bulge on the inside of the thumb helps to shield the runner's hand from the baton, and gives the ring sufficient area to conceal a RFID unit.

Physical Description

White A4 sheet of paper with a drawing of a hand wearing a blue ring on the thumb. The logo of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games is emblazoned on the ring.

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