Kodak Retail Branches in New South Wales, 1890s-1970s

The New South Wales branch of Baker & Rouse began in June 1891 when Baker & Rouse bought Lichtner & Co's photographic stock business in Sydney. Baker & Rouse purchased the stock and then moved into entirely new premises at 375 George Street. 

The Sydney branch became central to Baker & Rouse business activities. In 1899, just before Federation, it was noted that the company's official prices were calculated for the Sydney branch, as Sydney had the only port that was free of duty.  Where customs duties were payable in other colonies, these costs were added on to the base prices.

In 1900 the Australasian Photo-Review, published by Baker & Rouse, noted that it looked forward to the "abolition of various and perplexing intercolonial tariffs" that prevented "freedom of commerce" in the year of Federation, and which gave photographers in Sydney an advantage.

Led by JJ Rouse and his staff, the Sydney branch introduced novel marketing campaigns and was highly successful.

In 1904 Kodak took on the sole agency for Kodak Limited and at this time the company also expanded their rural network of dealerships, likely as part of their contract with Kodak. They had Baker & Rouse representatives in places such as Hay, Wagga Wagga and Inverell, using agricultural stores and pharmacies as their agents.

Baker & Rouse moved into new Sydney premises in late 1905, retaining their original store at 375 George Street but adding to it with the shopfront next door at 377 George Street Sydney.

The building that Baker & Rouse were tenants in was sold in 1907, and new premises were sought. A new Sydney home for the company finally came about in 1908 after a merger with Eastman Kodak, creating Australian Kodak Limited. Sydney was appointed as the retail and marketing headquarters of the company, led by JJ Rouse. The funds invested in the new company by Eastman Kodak meant that the business could now purchase its own retail property.

The prime retail location of 379 George Street was secured for the new Kodak headquarters. In October 1908 tenders were called for to erect a shop and warehouse. John Reid was the architect, and Mr W Williamson won the construction tender.

Within a year, in July 1909, Australian Kodak Limited opened their new headquarters in Sydney.

In 1922 land was bought outside Sydney city limits to build on for developing & processing department.  

In the 1950s Kodak took over the next door building in George Street where another photographic company, Harringtons, had operated a shop. A new Kodak House was constructed in 1955 in a modern form for the company at the combined site of 379 / 381 George Street Sydney, which opened for business in 1957.

In 1968 the company had a huge expansion, when a new warehouse and colour processing laboratory in Sydney began processing film at Annandale.

There were also other branches in New South Wales, including at Newcastle and Lidcombe.


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