Description of the Sunshine Harvester Works' Spring & Tine (Tyne) Shop

Year established: circa 1918-1920.

The Sunshine Harvester Works produced a large range of springs for the company's agricultural machinery. They included compression springs, tension springs and trigger-type springs. In addition, the department produced a range of spring tines (tynes) for seed drills, scarifiers and cultivators.

Employees in the shop included a foreman and approximately 20 workers, including spring-makers, furnace-men and blacksmiths. Known workers included foremen Bill Bennett, Fred Bennett and Derek Craggs who were with the department between the 1930s and 1950s. Bob Hollings became shop foreman from the 1950s onwards, while Len Underwood was a leading-hand. Machinery in this department included spring coiling machines, guillotines, pedestal grinders, forming machines, furnaces, quenching tanks and benches. T

he Spring Shop operated as a separate department until the mid-1960s following Massey-Ferguson's absorption of the company. Due to the introduction of new products, springs were sourced from outside suppliers. Tines and points were then integrated into other departments and the Spring Shop ceased as its own entity.

Ray Browne, George Hales and Derek Craggs (former Sunshine Harvester Works employees), personal recollections held at Museum Victoria, May, July and October 2000, October 2002 and November 2003.
Site Plan – H.V McKay, Factory Plan, 1918. Held at H.V McKay Sunshine Collection, Museum Victoria, registration no. HT 9467.
Site Plan – H.V McKay, Factory Plan, 1920. Held at H.V McKay Sunshine Collection, Museum Victoria, registration no. HT 9468.

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