Description of the Reclamation Department at Sunshine Harvester Works.

Year established: circa 1951-1954.

The Sunshine Harvester Works' Reclamation Department sorted surplus, obsolete or scrap materials from the factory. Reclamation officers assessed the materials for salvaging, selling, scraping or dumping. Up until the 1960s, the factory Gatekeeper was in charge of reclamation duties until a Reclamation Officer was specially appointed. This officer was also responsible for operating the public weigh bridge. Known Reclamation Officers included Reg Barclay, Bill Prince, John McMillan, John Anderson and Bert Flowers. The department was located on Anderson Road adjacent the factory gate house.

Ray Browne and Ken Porter (former Sunshine Harvester Works' employees), personal recollections held at Museum Victoria, May 2000 and August 2004.
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Site Plan - H.V. McKay, Factory Plan, 1954. Held in the H.V McKay Sunshine Collection, Museum Victoria,registration no. HT 9495.
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