Father Barry King's work at Sunshine Harvester Works as an industrial chaplain.

Father Barry King became the Sunshine Harvester Works' chaplain in 1964. Father King visited the company's Sunshine factory on a weekly basis to assist workers with any issues. He helped employees who faced not only spiritual crises, but were dealing with social, legal, physical, psychological and immigration problems.

Father King represented the Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission (ITIM). The ITIM acted on behalf of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Lutheran and Congregational Churches, as well as the Churches of Christ and the Salvation Army.

Prior to Father King's arrival at the company, informal church gatherings were held on a fortnightly basis in the factory Foundry. Jessie Smith, a worker in the Bolt Shop, recalls lunchtime services being held in the Tinsmith's section of the Foundry. Workers would gather to sing and play the organ.

Massey-Ferguson Outlook 1964, 'Chaplain's Weekly Visits are Welcome', vol. 1, no. 13, pp.18.
Interview with Jessie Smith, held at Living Musuem of the West.
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