Description of the Sunshine Harvester Works' Quality Control Centre.

Year established: circa 1960s

Inspectors were employed in various areas of the Sunshine Harvester Works to assess the quality of the company's products. Inspectors examined equipment at all stages of production. Completed machines were moved to an inspection area where they were checked by inspectors for final approval before they were painted. In the 1960s, a Quality Control Centre was formally established to ensure that equipment produced by the company met engineering standards. In addition, the centre controlled all metallurgical and chemical processes used within the plant and by out contractors. It also evaluated field performance of all products and controlled the accuracy of all gauges and measuring devices used by employees.

Massey-Ferguson, late 1960s, Welcome to Sunshine. Held by Museum Victoria, accession no. HT 20127.
Ray Browne and Ken Porter (former Sunshine Harvester Works employees), personal recollections held at Museum Victoria, May and October 2000, June 2001 and October 2002.

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