Overview of Sunshine Harvester Works' Photography Department

The Sunshine Harvester Works had its own photographer who visually captured the company's personnel, products, factory and offices. These images appeared in the company's official publications such as catalogues, parts books, sales brochures and posters.

Company photographers, such as Bill Gibson, were in constant demand. As well as documenting the company's factory, photographers travelled the country capturing the company's equipment at shows, demonstrations and field days. They also worked on training films about the company's machinary. The department's output was immense. Museum Victoria's H.V McKay Sunshine Collection holds over 30,000 photographs and 750 rolls of 16mm film produced by the Photography Department.

The department had a range of equipment. They included cameras, a dark room, film developing equipment, negatives, movie reels and a photograph storage area.

The Photography Department was situated in the company's Head Office on Devonshire Road, Sunshine. It was located at the rear of the Printing Department.

Ray Browne and Ken Porter (former Sunshine Harvester Works employees), personal recollections held at Museum Victoria, April 2000 and October 2002.
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