Description of the Sunshine Harvester Works' showroom.

Year established: 1921

The Sunshine Harvester Works' showroom displayed the company's wide-ranging products and spare parts. It was located on Devonshire Road, Sunshine. A clock tower was erected above the showroom in 1925. In 1955, the building was demolished and a new showroom and clock tower was built in its place. The new building was opened with great fanfare. The Governor of Victoria Sir Dallas Brooks officially opened the showrooms at a gathering of 400 people including Prime Minister Harold Holt.

In the late 1960s, the showroom was closed as the company's dealers became the central point for product sales. The space was converted into an office space. It was later demolished together with the rest of the factory in the 1980s when production ceased. Although the showroom no longer exists, the clock tower has survived.

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